Restaurant order System in PHP Free Project

Restaurant order system in PHP
Restaurant order system in PHP

This project PHP free Restaurant order system with source Restaurant order system m has been developed in PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, query, and JavaScript. We will expand a simple PHP free project for college and university who want to use the PHP Free Restaurant order system to research and learn.

There are two features used in the project Admin and User.

Restaurant order system used Features Pages:

  • Add items
  • Change table
  • Confirmation
  • Menu of Restaurant
  • Restaurant payment
  • Select category
  •  Item table
  • Table low
  • login and logout pages
  • Category
  • Employee of restaurant
  • Floorplan
  • Notice
  • Order
  • Order line
  • Order Queue

 Name of Database: oose.sql 

Login Details:

User Name         Password

  1. Waiter               123
  2. Cook                 123
  3. Busboy             123
  4. Host                 123

How to Download  and run Restaurant order system Project

Free project and source code download PHP Free Restaurant order system with source code Free Download from the category of PHP free project. This project provides freeproject24. com. Download file size Restaurant order system source 2.45 MB (2,569,972 bytes).

Click for the Download button and wait for few seconds. Click Checkout and type your personal info then click free Download “Bottom” Click Project name.

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