PHP Payroll Management Project with Source Code

Project Name: PHP Payroll Management Project with Source Code

Project Type: Web Application

Project Platform: PHP

Project category: Free

Used  Programming Languages: PHP, Bootstrap, JavaScript

Front End: PHP, Bootstrap, JavaScript

Back  End: MYSQL

Web Servers: Apache web server, XAMPP Server

Supported Browser: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

Supported Operating System: Windows 7/8, Windows 10, Linux

Project Author information : Free Online Source

Online PHP Payroll Management Project with Source Code   Free Project in PHP  has been developed in PHP.

Who will be able to used this project

  • Management Information Systems (MCA)
  • B Tech (Bachelor of Technology )
  • Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA)
  • B.SC in Computer science
  • Diploma in Computer engineering,
  • IGNOU software engineer
  • Final years polytechnic
  • College and university students.

Payroll Management Project Features :

  • Add deductions
  • Add overtime
  • Pages Delete
  • Home deductions
  • Home employee
  • Salary pages
  • Login
  • Logout
  • Update account
  • Update employee
  • Update salary
  • View account
  • View employee

Work For Hardware Requirements: 

  • Faster Processor (3.00 GHz)
  • RAM 4 GB Or  8 GB RAM
  • 150 GB available hard disk space in your PC
  • Minimum 500 GB Hard disk
  • 1 Higher Resolution Monitor

PHP Software tool Requirement for Project Running:

  • Xampp
  • Lamp
  • Wamp
  • Apache
  • Mysql
  •  Notepad+
  • Sublime Text
  • Adobe Dreamweaver

How to Configuration (Run)  the free project

  • Downloand project zip file from edu source code site
  • Project Unzip and past root directory Folder
  • Longing MySql database and create the database 
  • Database Import the phpmyadmin Choose File sql Click
  • Type project URL Link: localhost/ type your project name 
  • Login admin Panel Type project URL Link: localhost/type project name /admin
  • Project Login user name: user and Password: user
  • Project admin panel Login
  • User Name: admin and password: admin
  • Project Name of database ‘payroll.sql’

How TO Dowload PHP Payroll Management Project with Source Code


Free project and source code Download from the category of php free project.

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