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Online Shopping System in C# Free Project

Online Shopping System in C# with source code

Free project and source code download Online Shopping System in C# with source code Free Download from the category of  free project. This project provides

Shopping System  Summary:

We have evolved this challenge Online Shopping System on C#, ASP, and MySQL with source code. The primary goal for growing this challenge changed into creating an Online Shopping System free project to promote numerous styles of merchandise to give up customers. This challenge affords numerous functions to control the goods in a totally well manner. This software has an amazing look and could be very smooth to operate. This challenge includes numerous superior modules which make the back-give-up machine very wonderful. In the current system, we have got blanketed a single price system of Cash on shipping but withinside the future, we will enhance it with the online price system.

Online Free Project shopping systems are popular e-commerce applications that allow customers to purchase products and services from the comfort of their homes.

Online Shopping System Database Design:

The database for this Online Shopping System in C# Free Project should contain the following tables.
Products: This table should contain information about the products being sold on the website such as product name, description, price, and image.

Categories: This table should contain information about the categories of products available on the website.

Orders: This table should contain information about the orders placed by customers, including customer details and the products ordered.

Customers: This table should contain information about the customers who have registered on the website.

User Interface Design:
The user interface of the Online Shopping System in C# Free Project should be simple and intuitive, with the following pages.
Home page: This page should display the featured products, popular products, and categories of products available on the website.

Product page: This page should display detailed information about a specific product, including images, description, and price.

Shopping Cart: This page should display the items that the customer has added to their cart, along with the total cost including Free Project

Checkout page: This page should allow customers to enter their shipping and payment information and place an order.

Order confirmation page: This page should confirm the order details and display a unique order ID for the customer to reference.

Online Shopping System Functionality:
The online shopping system should have the following functionalities:
Product Catalog: The system should allow customers to browse and search for products, view product details, and add products to their cart.

Shopping Cart: The system should keep track of the items in the customer’s cart, update the total cost, and allow customers to remove items from the cart.

Order placement: The system should validate the customer’s shipping and payment information, and place the order if everything is in order.

Order tracking: The system should provide customers with a way to track the status of their order, including the shipping details and delivery status.

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Project Name: Online Shopping System  Free Project in Free 
Project Type: Web Application
Using Platform: C#
Used Programming Language: C#HTML,HTML5,CSS,CSS3, Bootstrap and JavaScript
Software Tool: Visual Studio Software, Microsoft Office Vision 2003
Database name: SQL Server 2014
Supported Browser: Chrome(latest), Mozilla Firefox(latest), Opera(latest), Edge, Safari 9+,IE 11

Supported Operating Systems

  • Operating System Windows 7 SP1
  • Operating System Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Windows-Server 2008 R2 SP1, Server 2012 SP1 (Full Server or Server Core)
  • Windows -Server 2012 R2 (Full Server or Server Core)
  • Windows-Server 2016 (Full Server, Server Core, or Nano Server)
  • Mac OS X 10.11, 10.12*
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
  • Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04, 17

Hardware Environment

  • Processor: x86 or x64, Faster Processor Core i3 or Update
  • RAM 2 GB Or  4 GB RAM (minimum), 8 GB (recommended)
  • Hard disc: up to 80 GB  available hard disk space in your PC
  • Minimum 500 GB or 1TB Hard disk (recommended)
  • 1 Higher Resolution Monitor
  • One Keyboard
  • One Mouse

Software tool Development Environment For Project Running

    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Update  (minimum), 2017 version latest (15.6.4), 2019, 2022.
    • Framework  Minimum .NET 4.5.1 up to .NET 4.7
    • Command Line (Optional. Necessary for command-line deployment)
    • Visual Studio Code (optional text editor)
    • SQL Server 2008 Express, SQL Server 2014 (optional)
    • .NET Core 3.1
    • SQL Management Studio

How to Configuration (Run)  the free project

  • Download the project zip file
  • Free Project Unzip and past www /root directory file
  • Open Visual Studio 2015 or the latest version
  • Open on the File menu
  • Longing SQL server  database and create the database example database name: “database’
  • Database Import from SQL Server   Choose to file SQL Click
  • Press Run Ctrl+F5 on the project
  • Login admin Panel Type  URL Link
  • User  Longing Name:
  • User Longing  Password:
  • Project admin panel Logging User Name:
  • Project admin panel Logging Password:

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