Java University Course management System Free project

Java University Course-management System
Java University Course-management System

This Project Java University Course Management System has been developed on Java. The most purpose of this java project Java University Course Management System is to improve the web application in Diploma in engineering, B.SC in Computer science engineering (CSE), and IT final year students submission. The java Java University Course Management System project is accessible in our site free project 24. We provide full free java project with source code. The main activities for developing this Java University Course Management System project in Java are to manage the details of Java University Course Management System

database controller

graph controller

project controller

building model college model 

course model 

department model 

lab model 

meeting model 

meeting model change 

meeting model change event 


pretty  print 

professor model 

project model s

room model 

term model 

meeting model moment 



moment event 

memento interface 

memento type 

course widget 

department filter 

minute options 

output box 

output panel

professor widget 

rooms graph

room widget

departments dock tab

Event dock panel 

event dock tab

login view  

project view 

and more

How to Download Java University Course Management System Project

Free project and source code download  Java University Course-management System with source code Free Download from the category of Java free project. Download file size Java University Course management System source code 4.82 MB (5,058,140 bytes).

If you want to download the Java University Course management System click free Download “Bottom” Click Project name.

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