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Free project and source code download Contact Management System In Python  Free Python Projects With Source Code  Download from the category of Free Python Projects. In this project Idia shares

Contact Management System project is graphical in Python. The project report incorporates a python script. This is an easy GUI-primarily based totally task which could be very smooth to recognize and use. Talking approximately the system, it incorporates all of the necessary capabilities which consist of adding, viewing, deleting, and updating touch lists.

Supported Browser: Internet Explorer, Opera Mini, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

Supported Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server.

Project Run Hardware Requirements specification

  1. Faster Processor ( 2.5 GHz )
  2.  4GB or 8GB RAM
  3. 80 GB available hard disk space in your PC
  4. Minimum 500 GB Hard disk
  5. Monitor: Higher Resolution

How to Configuration or Run This Free Project

  1. Download Project Zip File From Edusourcecode
  2. Download File Unzip
  3.  install python
  4.  Open Download Project File
  5. double click in
  6. Project Run

If you want to download the Contact Management System In Python free projects and source code, please go to the Click for the Download button.


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